If the Buddha Had an Autoimmune Disease Book Review

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Those of us who have undertaken an extended healing protocol know that the process impacts much more than our physical bodies. In discovering how to heal our symptoms, we must also learn to deal with the mental and emotional suffering that accompanies autoimmune disease.

For many of us, religion and spirituality are powerful in this regard. For Anne Angelone, Buddhism – a philosophy aimed at relieving suffering – offered profound insights into the true nature of her autoimmune suffering, and how she could free herself from it.

After more than two decades of studying and practicing Eastern healing modalities, Anne knew it was time to make her discoveries known. The result: If the Buddha Had an Autoimmune Disease.

In this book, Anne draws fascinating connections between Buddhist teachings and the autoimmune experience. She not only explains how these principles can impact our brain and immune system, but she also offers practical techniques we can use to manifest mindfulness and freedom right now.

By teaching us how to heal a “leaky psyche,” Anne demonstrates how Buddhism-inspired shifts in mindset can reduce inflammation, calm an overactive immune system, change our experience of pain, and ultimately reframe how it feels to live with autoimmune disease. This is powerful stuff!

With her book, you can:

  • Understand the causes and conditions of both suffering and happiness.
  • Explore what is behind your suffering and learn to reconnect with your true nature.
  • Learn how to bring balance to your immune system using meditation, mindfulness, and guided imagery.
  • Find freedom from disease identification.
  • Understand forgiveness, compassion and the truth about self-love.
  • Learn about the neuroscience of suffering and the basic needs of the brain.

What do we love about it?

  • It’s practical. This isn’t some high-level philosophical text. Anne not only explains the “whys” behind the Buddhism/autoimmunity relationship, but shares multiple techniques you can use right now to help put an end to suffering.
  • It references neuroscience. Anne offers a scientific backing to the practices and philosophies she writes about by explaining parallels in neuroscience research.
  • It’s approachable. This isn’t an “airy fairy” self-help book. This is a down-to-earth exploration of the parallels between Buddhism and the autoimmune experience written for the Western reader.
  • It’s not “dumbed down.” Just because it’s written for Westerners doesn’t mean it’s oversimplified. Anne strikes a wonderful balance between in-depth spiritual concepts and practical advice.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, Buddhist mindfulness and meditation practices can have a huge impact on relieving the suffering that comes with autoimmune disease.

If the Buddha Had an Autoimmune Disease is the first book we’ve found that intelligently explores the mental side of autoimmune healing. Reading it will give you the inner clarity and resources to truly balance, enlighten, love, and heal yourself.

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  • Gretchen says

    This looks like a great book. Any word on if there will be a kindle version?

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Hi Gretchen, there is a kindle version available on Amazon!

  • Prasad says

    I have psoriasis for 15 years. Buddhist mindfulness meditation helping me to control and manage the condition very well. Want to read this book. Thanks.

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Happy to hear Prasad! Wishing you luck.

  • Heather says

    Sounds wonderful. Have just ordered it 🙂

  • Peter Grinsell says

    Are buddhists vegan? Are your recipes mostly paleo/ip?

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