The AIP Bundle is no longer available!
We’re sorry you missed it!

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What exactly will I receive when I purchase this bundle?
When you purchase the bundle, you’ll be emailed a link to download one file that contains all of the e-books listed above. This is a 100% digital product, delivered by download.

The file that you will download is a type of file called a zip file. All of the individual e-book files are in PDF format. They were placed in a folder which was then compressed (zipped) to make it smaller for easier downloading. This way, you only have to download one file to get everything included in this bundle!

Will this work on my Kindle? iPad? Smartphone? Computer?
Yes! You can read these e-books from your computer, tablet, or smartphone! Instructions for exactly how to do this are below.

Are all the resources 100% AIP?
Yes, the team at Autoimmune Wellness has vetted every single resource included in this bundle. A great deal of effort was made to make sure that only extremely high quality resources that comply with the autoimmune protocol were included. You will not find such a comprehensive collection of digital resources anywhere else!

How do I “unzip” and read the e-books on my computer?
After you’ve downloaded the zip file, simply double click on it. This will open a folder with the list of bundle files within (one file for each e-book). Reading the e-books on your computer is as simple as opening Adobe Reader or Acrobat. If you already have this software on your computer, you can double click each e-book file to open automatically.

How do I “unzip” and read these e-books on my mobile device?
A variety of apps already have the functionality to unzip and open PDF files built right in. If you have the Dropbox app or the Google Drive app installed on your smartphone or tablet, these are good examples of apps that can “do it all”.

You can also unzip the folder on your computer and then transfer some or all of the PDF files to your device using your preferred method. You can e-mail the files to yourself, put them in your Dropbox, use another file managing app, or drag and drop the files onto your Android or Kindle device when it’s connected to a computer. You can download directly onto your mobile device and unzip using a file management app like WinZip.

Once the PDF files are on your mobile device, there are also several options for opening them to read your new library of e-books. The Adobe app is available for Android, Kindle and Apple devices. Once the PDF files are on your device, you’ll be able to open them in the Adobe app.

How do I add these e-books to my iBooks app?
If you have an Apple device, you can sync the PDF file to your device by opening it in iTunes. Be sure to set your device to sync books. Once the file is on your device, you can open it in iBooks, which comes with all Apple devices. If you transfer the PDF files to your Apple device, newer devices will automatically save the PDF to iBooks. On older devices, tap the screen to bring up a file menu and click “Open in…” then “iBooks” in the upper right of the screen. If you use an app to unzip the file after downloading directly to your Apple device, the app will give you an option to “Open in” iBooks.

How do I add these e-books to my Kindle reader or Kindle app?
Whether you use a native Kindle or either the Android or Apple apps, the easiest way to transfer the bundle e-books to your Kindle is to first unzip the folder on your computer and then email the files to your Kindle. To find your Kindle e-mail address, go to “Manage Your Devices” when logged into Amazon and locate the device you want to send the file to. Look at that device’s tab to locate its unique email address. Send the PDF file to that address in an email! The next time your device is connected to the internet, it will download the file. The e-book can now be found under “Personal Documents” on your Amazon account or “Docs” on your Kindle.

I’m having problems. How can I get help?
We’re happy to help! Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll make it right!

Can I get a tax deduction for the charitable donations made with my partial proceeds from my purchase today?
No, although each of the charities is a legal 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) organization, the donation will pass directly from Autoimmune Wellness to the organizations, rather than through you directly. If you'd like to make additional donations above and beyond the partial proceeds with your purchase today, those donations can qualify as tax deductions and we highly encourage your giving. These organizations are doing important and worthwhile work on behalf of all of us in the autoimmune community!

How can you offer so many resources at such a steep discount?
E-book bundles typically include a variety of e-books and other digital resources sold for a price far lower than what you would pay for each e-book individually. How does this work? There’s two major incentives for authors to donate their e-books to bundles: expanding their audience and affiliate commissions. Chances are good that you won’t be familiar with every e-book included in a bundle sale. This is what’s in it for the authors: the large number of people who look at their e-books (but normally wouldn’t have) and become new fans. When bundles have a strong theme like this one, this advantage goes both ways: you are the perfect target audience for the e-book contributors and they are great resources for you! Contributing authors also become affiliates for the bundle so there’s still a mechanism for financial compensation for the hard work they put in to creating a great resource.

This model only works when bundles are very thoughtfully organized, provide unique and high quality content, and are sold for a very limited time. The excitement over a legitimately amazing deal means lots of sales and lots of exposure for the contributors. When bundle sales last too long or when there’s too many very similar bundle sales to choose from, the excitement fades, and so do the benefits to the contributors. We want to make sure we honor the contributions from our authors and vendors by doing this right! That’s why this bundle was so carefully crafted and is only available until August 27th!