Digestive Health with Real Food: The Cookbook Review

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Today I have a review of Digestive Health with Real Food: The Cookbook: 100+ Anti-Inflammatory, Nutrient-Dense Recipes for Optimal Health, by Aglaée Jacob, which is the companion cookbook to her first book Digestive Health with Real Food (you can see my review here).

Aglaée is an R.D. currently studying to become a naturopath, and has been an incredible resource in the Paleo community for all things digestion. I reference her low-FODMAP food guides all the time in my interactions with followers and clients with SIBO, and appreciate her clear presentation of accurate information (in case you are looking–you can find the aforementioned low-FODMAP list here).

As a companion to her first book, which was a guide to troubleshooting digestive issues, Aglaée has come out with a cookbook catering to the needs of those going through an elimination diet. What I love about Aglaée’s approach, is that like the Autoimmune Protocol, it is not one-size-fits-all; instead of making bold proclamations about what will cure all digestive issues, she advocates for a template, starting with an elimination diet to guide us to our ideal diet. Her process is to give us the tools we need to figure out what works and what doesn’t for our own bodies.

Now, you may be asking–how does this relate to those of us with autoimmunity or on the Autoimmune Protocol? Well, Aglaée’s book is not specifically AIP, but it is very compatible. She comes at the elimination diet from a pathogen-specific point of view, instead of an autoimmune-specific one. Since autoimmunity is intimately involved with gut health, I believe her information and guidance on digestion is extremely important to us autoimmune folks. In fact, many people reading may find themselves dealing with diagnosed gut issues, like candida or SIBO, or experiencing specific digestive symptoms that would make troubleshooting the diet from this angle very worthwhile.

The recipes in this book are geared towards those who are going through an elimination diet to get to the root of their digestive issues or food allergies, and are labelled clearly with different categories of foods. While she does not have a specific Autoimmune Protocol label, her digestive elimination protocol is more strict than AIP, and thus many of the recipes are suitable for those following the elimination diet as outlined in Sarah Ballantyne’s The Paleo Approach (I counted over 70). For those of you dealing with SIBO and avoiding FODMAPs, or those of you avoiding fruit, starch, coconut, or sugar, she has labelled all of these categories in the book.

Now, for the recipes–I found Aglaée’s take on allergen-free fare fun and refreshing! Among some of my favorite recipes to try are Bananoatmeal (p. 28), a Potage (blended soup) tutorial (p. 54), Coconut MCT balls (p.78), Tummy Gummies (p. 86), Daylight Pasta (p.112), and Speedy Recovery Soup (p.134). Like I said, I counted over 70 recipes that are compliant with the Autoimmune Protocol, out of over 100 recipes in the book. The other recipes would be great for those in the elimination process, as the rest of them contain eggs, nuts, seeds, or nightshades (but all in all they are in a minority–less than a third of the overall content of the book).

Lastly, only a few of these recipes overlap with what I offer in my cookbook and other AIP cookbooks I have reviewed. If you are looking to expand your resources, this is an excellent book to add to your collection, whether you are looking to troubleshoot some digestive issues in addition to AIP, or just looking for more recipe resources.

To pick up a copy of Digestive Health with Real Food: The Cookbook, click here!

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