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As kids, we hear the words “Go to bed!” more often than we can stand, and as parents, we say those words more often than we’d probably like. We all know how crummy it feels when we don’t get enough sleep, and how much brighter the world looks when we do.

So why, then, does a program called “Go To Bed” need to exist?

Well, let me ask you this: Are you getting a full 8 hours of sleep each night?

Chances are pretty good that you’re not – only 35% of Americans are. And even those who think they sleep enough are often overestimating.

How could this be? Well, according to Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom it’s no surprise when you consider the way our over-worked, over-stressed culture talks about sleep. Work, exercise, shows, parties, homework, TV, laundry, everything else takes precedence at the end of the day.

After experiencing dramatic health improvements from improved sleep, Sarah became determined to change the cultural conversation around sleep. The result? Her one-of-a-kind Go To Bed program.

Go To Bed will not only motivate you to get enough sleep, but also teach you how to do it.


What’s in it?

As soon as you open up the program file, it’s obvious Sarah has worked hard to set you up for success. In addition to her 358-page Go To Bed Guidebook and her 58-page Go To Bed Quickstart Guide, she’s carefully broken down the science into digestible, action-oriented tidbits designed to help you to turn knowledge into action.

Most important is her 14-Day Go To Bed Challenge guide, which tasks you with adopting one new sleep-related habit per day for 14 days. (Angie and Mickey are taking part in the group challenge beginning July 17th! Follow along on their Instagram accounts here and here.)

To start you off strong and help you keep up the momentum throughout the challenge, she’s also included a “Before You Begin” Checklist*, a Sleep Checklist* (this is gold!), a Go To Bed Challenge Journal*, and a Sleep Meditation Audio File.

And in true Paleo Mom form, the program wouldn’t be complete without the science-y stuff! The Fiber Content* and “Nutrients to Improve Sleep”* reference tables are great visual guides to keep in the kitchen.


What we love about the program:

1) It’s comprehensive. Sarah is beloved by our community for her skill at sharing the scientific “whys” behind the AIP without oversimplifying them. This program is no different! Sarah doesn’t just tell us to get more sleep, she puts us in control of our own health by explaining exactly how and why our lifestyle choices matter.

2) It sets you up for success. As we mentioned above, this program doesn’t just plop down the science and leave you to fend for yourself. The 14-Day Go to Bed Challenge that accompanies the ebook breaks things down into actionable daily steps so you’re prepared to make real change.

3) It’s kid-friendly. Regardless of how strong your sleeping habits are, if your kids aren’t sleeping, neither are you. Each day of the 14-Day Challenge includes a “Kid’s Tip” designed to tailor the day’s lesson to younger participants.

4) It’s practical. Sarah’s printable cheatsheets and checklists don’t just make it easy to implement positive habits, they make it hard not to! These visual reminders turn the science into real life.

5) It’s community oriented. Sarah’s team hosts 14-Day Go To Bed Sleep Challenges every single month on Facebook and Instagram so you can easily connect with folks around the world making the same lifestyle changes.

Bottom line: Studies show sleep can do more for our health than even diet can. For folks with autoimmune disease, it’s not just a good idea to prioritize sleep, it’s a non-negotiable.

Go To Bed is the only program of its kind designed to not only equip you with the science, but support and motivate you to revitalize your life with better sleep. In a world that tells us “We’ll sleep when we’re dead,” the support of a program like Go To Bed is priceless.

Get access to the complete Go To Bed Program now!

(Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram as Mickey and Angie complete the 14-Day Go To Bed Challenge – here and here!)

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    Suggestions on those of us who work jobs that require us to work 24 hour shifts, night work etc….how would I work this program for me?

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