He Won’t Know It’s Paleo Book Review

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HWKIP CoverClever. That’s what I thought when I came across Bre’anna Emmit. Bre’anna is the blogger behind the AIP-focused website, He Won’t Know It’s Paleo and author of the brand new cookbook by the same title. So, that “clever” part… Bre’anna made the details of family meals a strictly confidential matter for the first six months of their Paleo transition. She knew her husband would not enjoy making the switch, so she just quietly adapted all their family favorites into Paleo/AIP versions, not letting him in on the secret. When they hit the six-month mark, Bre’anna’s husband had lost weight and started remaking that he felt great. That is when she knew it was time to let him on the secret. During that period, she had inventively created a whole cookbook worth of brilliant recipes for those of us on the AIP journey. Clever, right?!

Bre’anna didn’t let the limitations of the Autoimmune Protocol stop her from enjoying what she ate while she focused on her own healing or from bringing her happy (if unknowing) family along for the ride. Her recipes start with appetizers like AIP-friendly salsa and queso (yes, really!!) and end with desserts like layer cake, brownies, and pie. In between she presents condiment recipes that many on AIP thought were forever out of their lives, bread and muffin recipes that look and taste like the “real deal,” and inventive AIP-versions of familiar entrees that everyone loves, like enchiladas (which were a huge hit with my friends) and lasagna. Bre’anna has written a unique cookbook, especially meant for those of us on the AIP that needed a few of those comfort meals back in our lives, without compromising on our healing goals. I want to tell you exactly why I like this book so much with a simple list.

Reasons why I like He Won’t Know It’s Paleo:

1) It’s so darn creative!

As I said before, Bre’anna just didn’t let AIP restrictions intimidate her when it came to enjoying well-known favorites. She creatively adapted everything! There’s a Fauxtato Salad with cauliflower, a Hot N’oatmeal with spaghetti squash, and Wheatless Thins with plantain. One thing is certain… Bre’anna can totally think outside the box!

2) Nutrient density was not forgotten.

Unfortunately, sometimes in an effort to regain our favorites while following healing diets, we focus more on adapting old recipes than on adding in nutrient dense foods. I’m happy to report that is not the case with He Won’t Know It’s Paleo. Bre’anna stayed true to AIP ideals on nutrient density and included recipes for bone broth, pate, liver entrees, and restorative soups. I made the Autumn Butternut Bisque (in about 10 minutes flat!) and was happily rewarded with tons of flavor and a big dose of veggies in one bowl.

3) Baking is in!

I don’t know about you, but prior to AIP (and my Celiac diagnosis) I was a big fan of baking. I made homemade bread, muffins, cakes, and pies all from scratch. Once gluten was out for me and especially after going AIP, I thought my baking days were mostly done. Bre’anna shows us that a little ingenuity can result in tons of fun for the AIP baker though. This is sure to make you happy on your next special occasion and will definitely please your family (as is evidenced in the book with the cute, smiling faces of Bre’anna’s little ones enjoying AIP dessert).

Pick up a copy of this cookbook and let the creative kitchen fun begin! You can purchase a copy of He Won’t Know It’s Paleo here.

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