The Healing Autoimmune n=1 Workbook Kit Review


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What should 21st century healing look like? The experts in the health and wellness field say it should be designed for the individual. Here at Autoimmune Wellness, we certainly agree with them and are advocating all the time for our readers to take ownership of the process. After all, our genes, histories, environments, and even microbiomes are completely unique and the research around each of those factors increasingly reveals that our healing paths must be too.

That said, taking ownership of the personalized healing process isn’t necessarily easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. Enter Petra and Matthew at Biohack U, who have taken their backgrounds in research and analysis to create an extremely versatile template for guiding a personalized journey. The Autoimmune Healing n=1 Workbook Kit is a game-changing process to step-by-step self-experimentation, that anyone can use to regain health or achieve next-level wellness.

So how did this dynamic duo decide to create this valuable resource? When Matthew was 40, he became disabled by autoimmune arthritis and side-effects from the drugs he was using for treatment. He was in the middle of an exciting career, with three kids and a big mortgage. This was devastating for Petra (his wife, as you might have guessed!), their family life, and their financial stability. Most of us in the autoimmune community can relate to this unwinding of our lives at the hands of disease.

However, nine years later, he is successfully managing his illness through an individualized protocol he developed, using Petra’s research skills and his own background in continuous quality improvement. It’s an approach that Matthew and Petra (as well as others like them), refer to as “n=1.”

How do you become your own healing experiment? N=1 refers to an experiment with one participant. The Healing Autoimmune n=1 Workbook Kit is a step-by-step program that Matthew and Petra developed to enable other people with chronic illness to find their own best strategies for healing. Like many of us have experienced, standardized approaches can have limited effectiveness, because we each have unique makeups. This kit is designed to address that bio-individuality simply, effectively and safely.

Their process is powerful, the kit is overflowing with detailed, well-organized resources, and best of all it is inexpensive. The Healing Autoimmune n=1 Workbook Kit presents a systematic method that real people can use to develop their own individualized approach to healing. It presents the n=1 method in four self-paced modules outlining seven steps, and includes 40 meticulously designed e-resources, including 10 sample n=1 experiments and worksheets that can be used digitally or printed and completed by hand. They have even taken the extra responsibility to design with risk management in mind, making it the core of this approach, so users can ensure their experiments are safe.

 What do we love about it?

  • It’s like having a trained scientist help you heal. Imagine a trained scientist helping you design experiments that allowed you to learn more about and improve your health. Their knowledge and understanding of the tools and processes would be invaluable and that is exactly what you get with this kit!
  • It’s accessible science. This isn’t one of those self-help books that’s written for rocket scientists or [insert highly specialized, academically gifted job title here]. This was created for regular folks like you and I, who might be in the depths of illness, and need simple tools to design their self-experiments in healing. Don’t read this as “dumbed-down” though, because every detail has been added so you can feel assured that the process you are undertaking is legitimate.
  • It’s filled with beautiful, engaging imagery. While not necessarily important to the information itself, the photos accompanying every page of the workbook paint a picture of a real journey. It has become cliché to refer to the pursuit of wellness as a “journey,” but there is no question that it is an apt description. The visual reminders, photos taken by Matthew himself as he healed, capture the heart and speak to the commitment you undertake as you work through the n=1 process.

Whether you are just realizing that working your way out of illness will need to include an individual approach or have already embraced self-led healing and are ready to get to the next-level, The Healing Autoimmune n=1 Workbook Kit is right for you. It’s the first kit of its kind laying the n=1 experiment for lay-people.

Click here to download your copy of The Healing Autoimmune n=1 Workbook Kit!

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