My Paleo/AIP Indian Adventure Review

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If you’re like me, the first thing you thought when you heard the words “no nightshades or legumes on the AIP” was, No, not my Indian food!

Truly, it’s hard to come up with an Indian dish that doesn’t include chilis, lentils, wheat flour, or dairy — which is why Bethany Darwin’s newest cookbook is such a godsend.

My Paleo/AIP Indian Adventure isn’t just a cookbook. It’s a 108-page celebration of and journey into the food culture of India, through an AIP lens.

It doesn’t just tell you how to make Indian food AIP-friendly. It explores India’s rich spice culture, explains how much of it is AIP-compliant, and teaches you how each spice fits into the symphony of flavors that is Indian cuisine.

Bethany uses her experience as a traveler in India, along with insight from her Indian husband and mother-in-law, to create a resource that teaches us to find acceptance and grace around the limitations of an AIP diet as we learn to AIP-ify our favorite Indian dishes.

I personally have traveled to India many times and I cook Indian food often, and I learned so much from this book!

What you’ll find in the book:

  • 60+ Indian recipes that are all 100% elimination phase compliant
  • Breads – chapatis, roti, dosa, paratha
  • Basics – curry powder, coconut milk, ‘rice’, etc.
  • Snacks – chat, samosas, bajis, etc
  • Chutneys -coconut, tamarind, mango, etc.
  • Curries, kebabs and biryani – meat, chicken, seafood
  • Veg dishes – cabbage, cassava, okra, pumpkin, bitter gourd, etc.
  • Drinks – kahwa, chai, etc.
  • Desserts – halwa, burfi, kulfi, gulab jamun, etc.
  • Bethany’s personal journey of grieving and reclaiming spice in her life
  • Handy list of AIP substitutions for popular Indian ingredients
  • Glossary of Indian ingredients

Why we love this e-cookbook:

  • The recipes are incredibly flavorful. You would never believe how much spicy flavor you can get out of ginger!
  • Bethany includes notes throughout about India’s food culture, and uses maps and dots to illustrate each recipe’s origin. Eating from this book really makes you feel like you’re on a journey through the subcontinent!
  • The recipes are simple enough for any home cook. Even the longer recipes have lots of hands-off time which means you can easily multi-task.
  • Her “Grieving and Reclaiming Spice on the Autoimmune Protocol” section is spot-on. Bethany touchingly describes the way she moved through the 5 stages of grief after giving up nightshades, and how she reached not only acceptance but celebration around her new eating style.
  • Her “AIP Spices” list tells you exactly which Indian spices are AIP-friendly (WAY more than I realized!) and comes as a handy printable.
  • Her “Simple AIP Substitutions” section expertly describes how to recreate non-AIP flavors using only AIP ingredients.

With this e-cookbook, Bethany has done the seemingly impossible. She’s taken a cuisine defined by its chilis and flatbreads and expertly recreated the flavors using ingredients that are non-inflammatory and 100% elimination phase friendly. In doing so, she both offers us guidance on our journeys through the stages of grief around ingredient loss, and reassures us that eating this way holds endless potential.

We will be cooking these recipes for a long time to come.

Click here to download your copy of My Paleo/AIP Indian Adventure for just $14.99!

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  • Jen R says

    Can’t wait to try this! We’ll be living in India for 6 months and I’m working on figuring out how to keep my diet dialed in!

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