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It’s here! The newest kid on the Autoimmune Protocol cookbook block moved in last week and I think we should all invite her out to play! Nourish by Rachael Bryant of Meatified is such a charming and inventive cookbook for those of us using food to heal. I am sure it will be a kitchen bookshelf staple in no time.

Rachael took on the challenge of AIP with two thoughts in her mind: hopeful optimism and pessimistic disappointment. She knew she wanted relief from her Hashimoto’s symptoms and that spurred her to give it a try, but she was also really worried about what such a restrictive approach would mean for her life. I think every single one of us on this journey can relate to those two thoughts. Rachael knew we’d relate and it fueled the creation of over 120 original recipes. Once she saw what was on the other side, Rachael wanted to make sure none of us would get discouraged, because AIP is, as she puts it, “freaking amazing.”

As one would expect, it is those who don’t allow the limitations of the Autoimmune Protocol to stop them from enjoying their food that have the most success. Rachael is no exception to this rule and it is her unique approach that shines in the book. Her recipes begin with a section on breakfast that covers everything from sneaky “oatmeals” to plantain hashbrowns. Next she tackles main dish meat recipes of every kind and shows us how to do it in a budget and time-friendly way. Rachael gives seafood its own section (which I love!), showing us how to make everything from simple crispy shrimp with a “mayo” dip to Fisherman’s Pie with Parsnip Mash. Yum! She then addresses that sticky Autoimmune Protocol area of dessert, but she pulls it off with grace, balancing the need for occasional indulgence with the careful attention to not overdoing sugar. Things are very simple, but also delightfully fancy in this section, think Balsamic Roasted Strawberry Popsicles with Coconut Milk! Rachael wraps up the book with a little section on extras, like sauces, dips, and seasonings, followed up by guidance on making fun menus from the recipes throughout the chapters.

Thanks to Rachael’s efforts yet another unique cookbook (are we starting to get spoiled) with our community specifically in mind has been written. She proves once again that good food and great healing can go together. I want to tell you exactly why I like this book so much with a simple list.

Reasons why I like Nourish:

1) Flavor!

Rachael emphasizes repeatedly that packing flavor into her AIP life was very important to her. By extension, we reap the benefits! I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of one of her finishing salts, Rosemary-Leek Salt, and that alone showed me how much incredible flavor would be in every bite of the recipes included in this book. (I may or may not go to my kitchen, open the jar and smell it just because!)

2) Bright and beautiful.

This book is as much a feast for the eyes as it is a feast for the tummy. Let’s face it. We buy cookbooks not just to enjoy new dishes, but also to be inspired. Rachael has obviously taken pains to present her recipes at their most bright, delicious best. The photos scream both, “Eat me!” and “Health!” Who doesn’t want that when they open a new cookbook?

3) Intimidation not included.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just want to glance at a recipe and go, “Yep. Easy. Done.” If I have to read through lists of strange ingredients (and that is saying something, ‘cause after three years AIP I’m pretty open to ingredients of all kinds) and step after step of complex instructions, I get intimidated. I’m a home cook on a healing mission, not the head chef at a five-star restaurant. Rachael has thoughtfully kept the average cook in mind. I actually trade one of my farmers cooking for meat. Twice a month I plan a menu for her and we do a huge batch cook over several hours. That big process needs to be as easy as possible. Recently we incorporated three of Rachael’s recipes and I am happy to report it was a breeze, even in the midst of a busy batch cook!

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