Simple French Paleo Book Review

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I don’t know about you, but for most of my life, “French food” was synonymous with butter, bread, and cheese. It brought to mind crusty rolls, rich sauces, and of course, decadent desserts. Not exactly AIP-friendly, right?

I stand corrected!

As I learned in the new cookbook Simple French Paleo by Sophie Van Tiggelen (A Squirrel in the Kitchen), not only is much of French cuisine effortlessly AIP-friendly, it’s also effortless to prepare.


Growing up in Belgium, French food has always been Sophie’s soul food. But folks familiar with her blog might be surprised to learn when her AIP journey began, she was often too exhausted to spend much time in the kitchen. Speed and efficiency were essential, especially since she had kids to feed and a household to run.

It was the traditional French cooking of her youth that helped Sophie not only put her Hashimoto’s symptoms into remission, but rediscover how simple, honest and healing food could be. And Simple French Paleo was born!

No nightshade ratatouille

My favorite things about Simple French Paleo:

1) These recipes aren’t “alternatives.” AIPers often resign themselves to eating less-than-satisfying substitutes for classic dishes, but Sophie’s recipes aren’t like that at all. Her dishes are delicious first, and AIP-friendly second. In other words, they’re not an apology for the things we can’t eat, but a celebration of the things we can!

2) It’s made to be used! This is no coffee table book (though the design is gorgeous!). It’s obvious that Sophie worked hard to make these recipes realistic for busy families – a lifestyle she understands well. Each of her 90 recipes is suitable for the elimination phase and is simple and quick to prepare – most in 40 minutes or less.

3) It caters to all audiences. Sophie has included super handy charts of protein cook times and temps, as well as weight and volume measurement conversions so you’ll be good to go no matter where you live or how kitchen-savvy you are.

4) It doesn’t leave out the staples. Bone broth, pate, mayonnaise, no-mato sauce – Sophie doesn’t gloss over the foundational recipes that are so crucial to AIP kitchens.

5) It’s personal. Connecting with fellow AIP community members is an important part of the healing process. The personal anecdotes Sophie includes throughout her book are poignant, honest, and powerful.

6) It’s authentic. Perhaps the most cherishable quality of Sophie’s book is the fact that her recipes are deeply rooted in tradition and family history. Her love and respect for the cuisine of her youth is palpable. (One peek inside the front cover and you’ll see what I mean.)

Above all, Sophie’s book reminds us that food is honest. It’s something to be cherished, not feared. It’s meant to nourish us, connect us, strengthen us, and yes, to be enjoyed!

All the recipes in Simple French Paleo are 100% AIP-compliant, and you can purchase it in print or ebook format.

Click here to order your print copy, or click here to download the ebook!

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