The Healing Kitchen Book Review

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The Healing Kitchen

So last month an awesome edition to the AIP community was launched and if you haven’t noticed it by now, you absolutely must take a look! The Healing Kitchen by Alaena Haber of Grazed and Enthused and Sarah Ballantyne of The Paleo Mom is the book that we’ve all needed. Fast, easy, and budget-conscious! It’s almost like Alaena and Sarah have done this AIP thing themselves and knew just what was missing from our kitchen bookshelves (wink-wink).

You’d think that two women who have already contributed so much to those on the healing journey wouldn’t necessarily have a lot more to offer, but you’d be wrong. Alaena and Sarah have shown us again that their passion and creativity for all things AIP is nearly limitless. They took all that energy and created a brand-new, inspiring resource for us to tap.

Sarah’s scientific and dietary knowledge shines once again, with colorful, easy-to-understand graphics, covering things like which nutrients function as “immune system superheroes” and how to “weigh the good against the bad” in the many gray-area foods. Alaena (who we already knew was an amazing recipe developer through her work as a contributor here on Autoimmune Paleo!) added to this must-have resource with over 175 recipes, including recipes that are one-pot, five-ingredients-or-less, 20-minutes-or-less, on-the-go, kid-friendly, and “reinvented” leftovers. There are even a large number of recipes that don’t require any cooking at all! If you need recipes that fit your lifestyle, that preference is covered in The Healing Kitchen. But it doesn’t end with science and recipes — there are also 12 weeks of meal plans, tips for shopping and budgeting, thoughts on multi-tasking with food prep and batch cooking, plus a bright two-page spread about exactly how to turn your kitchen into a healing kitchen.

Thanks to Alaena and Sarah’s work, another special cookbook (we’re seriously getting spoiled at this point!) with an AIP-specific focus has been written. Let me tell you exactly why I like this book with a simple list.

Reasons why I like The Healing Kitchen:

1) Meal Plans.

As a Health Coach, the thing clients request from me most often is a meal plan. Honestly, meal plans aren’t easy, because folks have such different tastes, budgets, and lifestyles to work around. The Healing Kitchen is an answer to my coach prayers and probably your prayers too! As I mentioned earlier, with 12 weeks of plans covering almost every preference, from one-pot to kid-friendly, meal planning has been totally tackled. Hooray!

2) Creativity.

It is clear that eating nutrient-dense foods with healing in mind can still be delicious. Over the last four years, the AIP community has proven over and over that a restrictive approach doesn’t have to be at all boring. That said, some resources shine particularly bright when it comes to creativity and The Healing Kitchen is one of those resources. There’s a “mac ‘n cheese” recipe, a “granola” recipe, a Stromboli recipe and lots of fun mocktails for parties! Alaena and Sarah show us how to make chicken hash browns and sweet potato ice cream, plus a little of almost everything in between.

3) Nutrients, baby!

The truth needs to be told…sometimes, in the rush to recreate old favorites or in simply trying to comply with the elimination phase of AIP, we forget that the whole point of this dietary approach is healing. The body needs certain kinds of fuel in order to heal and it can be easy to dismiss how important focusing on incorporating those foods is to the overall mission. You know the thought process, “Wow! These Extra-Gooey Carob-Maple Brownie Cookie Bars are AIP, so I’m doing it right!” or maybe, “Ground turkey and cauliflower are easy and AIP, so I’m just going to eat them for every single meal.” What we really need is fewer treats, more variety, and nourishment to top our lists. The Healing Kitchen did not forget the healing part (of course not!). There are recipes like Cherry-Balsamic Pate to help us keep our eyes on the prize.

Get a copy of this book now! You will not be disappointed.

You can purchase a copy of The Healing Kitchen here.

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    AI doable AND family friendly…that is a winner in my book!
    Thank you Angie for reviewing another resource in the AI pursuit that works for every member of my family.

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