How to Make Your Healing Routine Easier During Back-to-School Season

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Finding Structure in Transition

No one understands the frazzle of the fall season quite like moms do. Alarm clocks, piles of shoes by the front door, backpack checks, and multiple new schedules to juggle.

Maintaining the time and space for your healing routine during these times of transition can be tough. It’s easy to let things fall by the wayside as new priorities arise. But as with so many things on our healing journeys, one of the greatest antidotes to overwhelm is structure.

Meal planning is the number one practice we recommend to create the crucial structure around eating nourishing foods, regardless of what life throws at you. Once you have your meal prep mastered, suddenly the AIP starts to feel easy. Healthful meals become the norm, and you finally settle into the consistency that produces true healing.

Meal planning services help a lot with this, but only one caters to the AIP: Real Plans.

What is Real Plans?

Real Plans is an online meal planning service designed to help you create a highly customizable weekly meal plan based on your specific dietary requirements. This is not your average meal planner! In fact, it is the most innovative, user-friendly, and helpful meal prep resource we’ve found.

You choose from their database of nearly 2,000 recipes (400 of which are AIP-friendly!), and they provide you with a mobile-friendly shopping list and meal prep plan to suit your specific needs and lifestyle.

This service is a big deal for the AIP community – not only does it help hundreds of AIPers get healing foods on the table, but it’s also a sign of how widely understood and acknowledged the AIP continues to become. Best of all, it is very affordable.

How It Works

To break it down, each week you:

  1. Choose what you want to eat from the Real Plans recipe database.
  2. Review your shopping list, removing the ingredients you already have on hand.
  3. Print, email or sync your shopping list with your smart phone.
  4. Shop quickly and efficiently!
  5. Follow your weekly timeline to find out when to defrost, chop and reheat.
  6. Get nourishing, AIP-friendly meals on the table daily.

Click here to learn more about Real Plans and sign up.

The Best Part!

The best part about Real Plans is that they get us! Their database is filled with recipes we AIPers actually eat. In fact, we contributed over 250 of our very own recipes from our blog and books to their AIP recipe package. You can have access to this entire archive for just $1/month (more on that below)!

The degree to which you can customize your experience is also truly impressive. All recipes are clearly labeled and categorized so you’ll have no fear of finding a stray nightshade or legume on your shopping list, and you can always modify your preferences and subtract from or add to the lists they provide.

For example, you can input any additional foods you may be avoiding (great for those who have sensitivities to things like coconut) or add foods that you have reintroduced. This specificity is unlike any other meal planning service.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are 3 payment options: $14/month, $33/quarter $72/year. The quarterly plan works out to $11 per month and the annual plan works out to $6 per month. For an additional $1 per month, they’ll also include the Autoimmune Wellness recipe archive!

If you enjoy using Real Plans, we recommend going with the annual plan to maximize your savings, but honestly, having the plan alone will save you so much money. It will mean fewer trips to the store and fewer forgotten or unused ingredients. At $6/month, if it saves you one trip to the store or one ingredient that doesn’t spoil in the fridge, it’s well worth it.

Get Your Meal Routine Nailed Down

Until preparing AIP-friendly foods becomes routine, healing will continue to be an uphill battle. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels cooking every night, or you’re struggling to nail down a sustainable routine, Real Plans might just be your answer. We never promote products or services we don’t fully believe in, and this is no different!

Click here to learn more and sign up!

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