See You in 2018! Announcing Our Holiday Break


What a year it’s been! After designing and launching an AIP coaching course for practitioners, filling the first-ever AIP practitioner directory with AIP Certified Coaches, seeing the AMAZING results come in from the first AIP medical study, adding more than 20,000 new AIPers to our Instagram community…we’re looking back on 2017 in awe!

As things wind down and we begin our holiday preparations, we feel, as we did last year, that it’s time for us to take a short vacation from the blog. This means that for the month of December, we’ll be holding off on publishing new blog content, but we’ll be back bright eyed and bushy tailed in January!

Before we go, we want to express our sincere gratitude to you, our community. We’re so grateful for your commitment to our message and your participation in our effort. We do this work on behalf of you, and because of you. It’s an honor and a joy to connect with so many of you here and on social media, and we are truly over the moon about the strides our movement has made this year.

We have some AMAZING stuff in store for you guys in 2018! (More podcasts, anyone?)

Until then, here are some ways you can stay in touch with us:

Thank you again for being with us on this journey. We wish you health and happiness this holiday season!

About Grace Heerman

Grace Heerman is a writer, content coach and yoga teacher from Seattle. Grace designs websites and creates content that capture how great her clients are so they can effectively and authentically share their expertise with the world. Here at Autoimmune Wellness, Grace writes book reviews, manages blog content, and organizes social media publishing. She splits her time between living in Seattle with her friends, Minnesota with her family, and Asia, where she likes to spend the winter months. You can find out where she is now on Instagram and learn more about how she balances work and travel on her website, Said with Grace.


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