The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast Episode #13: Step 6: In-Depth with Noelle Tarr, NTP, Certified Personal Trainer

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Welcome to The Autoimmune Wellness Podcast Season 1! We’ve created this podcast as a free resource to accompany our upcoming book, The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook: A DIY Guide to Living Well with Chronic Illness.

Episode #13: Step 6: In-Depth with Noelle Tarr, NTP, Certified Personal Trainer is an episode about fitness and wellness recovery with a personal trainer who has dedicated her work to approaching movement with a balanced perspective. Noelle discusses what inspired her to combine a career in both fitness and nutrition. She also chats with us about how both under- and overdoing it with movement can be a problem and ways to tackle “too much” and “too little” struggles. Noelle takes time to chat with us about getting away from “fitspo” and finding realistic sources of fitness inspiration. We also get into the best place to restart a fitness routine while dealing with autoimmune disease and how to assess how much recovery time is necessary. This is an episode for those that love to move and those that are struggling with it after years of illness. Noelle’s professional experience shines as she helps us navigate what can be a tricky area of recovery for those on the autoimmune wellness journey.

If you want to explore some our conversation more, take a look at the “Fitspo and Shame” section in Chapter 6. This section digs into the highlight of our conversation with Noelle on the harmful side of the fitness world and the emotional toll it can take.

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:04 Introducing Noelle
  • 2:40 Noelle shares what inspired her combined career of fitness and nutrition
  • 4:55 Where does Noelle see the fine line with exercise and autoimmune disease?
  • Too Much Movement
    • Don’t push through pain
    • Remember your worth is not related to your ability to workout
    • Practice “intuitive fitness”
    • Feeling sore or fatigued after working out and in the presence of chronic illness is a sign to rest (When Exercise Recovery Becomes Harder to Handle)
  • Too Little Movement
    • This may be a struggle with motivation
    • Create an environment and system that make it easy
    • Add accountability
  • 14:11 Noelle discusses how we can find more realistic fitness inspiration
    • The problems with “fitspo” culture
    • Don’t expose yourself to social media personalities that make you feel bad about yourself
    • Engage with body positive messages
  • 20:48 Noelle talks about the best place to start a fitness routine for those with autoimmune disease
  • 26:47 Assessing recovery time needs with autoimmune disease
    • Tracking via a workout calendar
    • Taking time to listen to your body
    • Three days/week is enough
  • 37:07 Outro

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