Banana Pancakes

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Who else sings Jack Johnson’s song, “Banana Pancakes” in their head anytime Banana Pancakes are mentioned? This girl sure does! Pancakes are among my favorite breakfast foods, how about you?

Making this AIP breakfast was challenging but FUN. I found the ideal ratio of coconut flour to banana by testing these pancakes. Keep the pancakes small and make sure that you use a generous amount of oil in the pan so that they fry up nicely.

Top with your favorite pancake toppings and you’re set for delicious Saturday morning pancakes!

2.4 from 10 reviews
AIP Banana Pancake Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6-8
  1. In a large bowl, mash bananas until no large chunks are present. Set aside.
  2. Make 2 gelatin eggs, recipe here.
  3. Combine all ingredients in the bowl with the bananas and mix well.
  4. Heat up a large pan on medium-low heat.
  5. Once the pan is heated, add a decent amount of oil to cover the bottom of the pan. (You don’t want the pancakes to stick)
  6. Pour a generous spoonful of batter into the hot pan and fry until golden brown. About 2-3 minutes on each side. Flatten the batter as much as possible. This batter is stiffer than traditional pancake batter. I like to keep the batter amount small so that it’s easier to flip these delicate pancakes. Continue until the batter is finished.
  7. Top with maple syrup, fruit, or coconut whip and enjoy!


About Kelsey McReynolds

Kelsey McReyonlds is the owner of and was introduced to the AIP community after years of antibiotic and birth control use; eating disorders, extreme exercising and excessive alcohol use that lead to intense digestive issues, candida overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome. Only through the therapeutic use of foods was she healed and has now made it her goal to educate those around her on how easy and fun it can be to nourish our bodies and souls. If you were to go to her house she would most likely be whipping up some delicious treat that you just HAVE to try!


  • Rachel says

    Actually I found two different recommendations 1) a blend of baking soda & cream of tartar and 2) a blend of baking soda, cream of tartar, & arrow root powder. Is there a reason to do one or the other? Which would you recommend? Overall? For this recipe?

  • Patricia says

    I am allergic to coconut. Are there any substitutes for the coconut used in this recipe?

    • Giselle says

      Patricia, you can look for AIP recipes that have cassava flour and tapioca only. And substitute the coconut milk by tigernut milk

  • Brenda says

    I just made these 2 days ago and loved them. In fact, loved them so much I had them 2 meals in a row. A quick, easy, enjoyable hommage to our short stacks of the past!
    Can’t wait to try with coconut whip cream and blueberries next.
    Thank you for this recipe.

  • Maggie says

    I made this yesterday and it came out, um, gloopy. The inside didn’t firm up… I’m wondering if I needed to cook in more oil. How much oil do you use when frying these up? Does it just cover the surface of the pan, or is there some depth to it?

  • Diana says

    I’ve reintroduced eggs and actually have issues with gelatin. Can I just swap 2 regular eggs in?

    • Giselle says

      Diana, I have histamine issues with beef gelatin but not porcine gelatin, made from pork. Great Lakes sells both

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  • Emily says

    I can’t rate this recipe 1 otherwise we would! Cannot get it to work. Dough does not stick together and is too dry, so pancakes just fall apart and glue to the pan. We tried non stick paper which helped but they still weren’t great. So upset! After a good AIP pancake recipe!

  • A says

    I believe I read that all of the recipes posted on here are compliant with the elimination phase. I see that baking powder is on the recipe but in another article it says it is not elimination legal? Is what true and if so what is the substitute? I am still on my first week in.

  • Edward says

    These were a disaster. Batter is described as “stiffer than traditional pancake batter” which is slightly helpful but subjective and vague. These were extremely thick, stuck to the cast iron pan and left a mess to clean up and recondition the pan. Never browned up at all and were in heavily oiled pan. Since proportions in pancakes is critical suggest that rather than indicating 3 bananas that it indicate about how many cups mashed. One person’s medium banana is someone else’s large banana – vague ingredient specs leads to difficulty replicating your recipe. It calls for baking SODA which I used but is quite different from B powder which others in comments suggest to use. I know this comment is harsh and I should have abandoned things when I looked at the batter as I could have known that it would stick and make a mess. To those still willing to try this I’d recommend doing half the recipe to see if it works for you and having a pan that has oil floating in it before adding batter. Good luck …

  • Kimberley says

    I cannot get this recipe to work. The pancakes stick to the pan and make a mess.
    Because I didn’t want to waste the batter, I rolled it and baked it into cookies. Not what I really wanted…however they tasted good.

  • Jen says

    This recipe doesn’t work…the batter is not pourable by any means, and never firms up enough in the pan to flip. Every other recipe that I’ve tried on this blog has been wonderful!

  • Rana says

    This recipe did not work for me at all. 🙁 The batter is quite dry, when I cooked the pancakes over medium heat the bottom cooked very quickly – on the verge of burning – so I flattened them some more, flipped them over and put the gas to low. When the flip side was done, the pancakes were still raw inside. I ate one anyway and to be honest the flavor wasn’t great either. Would love a delicious pancake recipe.

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Hi Rana! Could your bananas have been super ripe?

      • Jackie says

        I so want this recipe to work, but don’t know what to try. Like several other comments it was mushy. Tried more oil, less oil, smaller pancake size, pressed dough flat in my hand before frying. Please HELP!

  • Erika Binger says

    Yikes. Nothing edible was rendered from my attempt at this recipe. Lots of sticky dishes and an expensive compost addition. Good thing I had backup breakfast leftovers!

  • Aysegul says

    I think there is a mistake with the recipe. The batter was way to thick, it kept sticking to the pan and did not cook through. I had to add some water. Again was sticking to the pan (I have a good quality, nonstick pan). In the end, I had to add some more coconut milk, some tapioca and cassava flour and little bit of applesauce. If I were you, I would take off this recipe and edit it.

  • Suzy says

    I’m not meaning to be rude in any way when I say this, but this recipe was a major miss! I have been on AIP for a year and a half now. I cook all my meals from scratch and I am very careful with the recipes I choose. Have only had one flop until this recipe. I followed it exactly. Bananas were just ripe, not overly. And I could not even pour the batter at all. It was so thick! Any chance there is a typo in the recipe?

  • Megan kunis says

    I really liked the flavoring of this recipe! I, too, had some issues keeping them together. Maybe I made them too big but I couldn’t seem to get them to flip without breaking apart. This is also my first time working with gelatin eggs. I’ll keep persevering and trying to see possibly what I did wrong. I know I had to lower the temp on the stove to super low but again, the flavor was really good!

  • Alexis says

    These were amazing! I prefer them to traditional pancakes and my son loves them too! I had to use olive oil for cooking because I ran out of coconut, but they still worked perfectly.

  • Giselle says

    I have histamine issues with bananas. Can I substitute them by apple sauce? Would it work well in your experience? Thanks

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Hi Giselle! I haven’t tried this combination myself, but sometimes applesauce works for banana. If your experimentation turns out, do report back!

  • Charlotte says

    Sorry, I too had major problems. Batter too thick – could almost be kneeded. Had to add other stuff just to make something out of it that was cookable and eatible (kind of). Maybe weigh the bananas and add the info to the recipe? I don’t know what’s wrong with the recipe but since so many people have difficulties maybe you should remove it?

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