Vanilla Energy Bites

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This is a spinoff of a fan-favorite recipe in The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook — Fig Energy Bites! Here, I use dried apples and apricots instead of figs and fresh vanilla seeds and lemon to switch out the flavor profile. Yes, the seeds scraped from a fresh vanilla bean are AIP-friendly, since the seeds are so small they don’t get chewed but pass through digestion “whole” (kinda like the seeds in cucumbers, and berries!).

There isn’t anything fussy or hard about this recipe — just place everything in your food processor, roll into balls, and enjoy!

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Vanilla Energy Bites
Prep time
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  1. Add the apple rings, apricots, vanilla bean seeds, lemon juice, lemon zest (reserving 1 teaspoon for later), and coconut oil to a food processor. Process on high until thoroughly combined and sticky, about 1-2 minutes. Set aside.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the shredded coconut, sea salt, and reserved lemon zest and stir to combine.
  3. Using your hands, form the apple mixture into small balls, about the size of 2 tablespoons, and roll through the coconut mixture before placing on a plate. Once all of your "bites" are formed, place them in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to harden. Keep refrigerated before serving, or they will melt.


About Mickey Trescott

Mickey Trescott is a co-founder here at Autoimmune Wellness and a co-teacher of AIP Certified Coach. After recovering from her own struggle with both Celiac and Hashimoto’s disease, adrenal fatigue, and multiple vitamin deficiencies, Mickey started to write about her experience to share with others and help them realize they are not alone in their struggles. She has a Master's degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Nutrition, and is the author of three best-selling books--The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook, and The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen. You can watch her AIP cooking demos by following her on Instagram.


  • Sophie says

    Hello Ladies!!! 🙂

    my name is Sophie, I am 18 years old and studying food and nutrition science at university in Australia. I really like your website and was wondering if there are any particular foods, recipes, supplements that may assist in hormonal acne that i experienced for the last couple of years???

    Kindest regards 🙂

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Hey Sophie, nice to meet you! I don’t have any specific foods to recommend, but I do think that you may see some changes in troubleshooting your diet. It is hard to know which changes without knowing more, but I would start with a Whole 30 or Paleo approach if you are new to this style of eating! Good luck!

  • Margaret Yarwood says

    Could I use vanilla extract if I don’t have vanilla beans?

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Hey Margaret, if you have an extract you tolerate, I would use 1 tsp for each bean in this recipe.

  • Ashley says

    Thank you for this recipe. How many is one serving? Thanks.

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  • Nikki says

    Can you freeze these, if so for how long?

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Yes, I would not leave them more than a month or two though!

  • Kelsey says

    I started AIP about 6 days ago, and my cravings for sweets have been INTENSE. I made these last night as an attempt to curb my craving of all things chocolate and they are DELICIOUS. It keeps people safe who come near me with sweets. Also, the lemon zest seems to really set it off. I love it. Thanks for recipe!

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Really happy you are enjoying them Kelsey!

  • Megan says

    Is the finely chopped coconut sweetened or unsweetened?

  • Gabrielle Boswell says

    Hi there,

    Wow, I am so grateful for this wonderful resource. I have psoriasis and am now on day 53. Unfortunately in the first few weeks, I ate loads of snow peas and sugar snap peas as I didn’t realise they weren’t compliant,. I also bought and ate BBQ chicken until I realised they were marinated in and stuffed with no compliant ingredients. So i guess really I’ve been compliant for around40 days. Some signs of improvement in my skin, I would say mostly stable and definitely better than it would normally be in the Winter. I feel great within myself and surprisingly found sticking to the protocol pretty easy. You guys rock!

  • Colleen Klingseisen says

    I was wondering if it is possible to make a fig energy bar with fresh figs instead of dried. Would I just use less coconut oil? Thanks. I love your cookbook and make all my food from it.

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Hi Colleen! This recipe won’t work with fresh figs, unfortunately!

  • Lorraine Kelly says

    I have been AIP for just over 2 months & along with the health benefit I am experiencing, I am loosing weight. If I were to make & eat some of these treats, will it take me out of ketosis?

    Kind regards


    • Mickey Trescott says

      Hi Lorraine! AIP isn’t by definition keto, so we aren’t tracking carbs in that way. I would say it depends on what else you are eating in a day and what level of carbs keeps you in ketosis. When in doubt you can always pop into a nutrition calculator like cronometer. Good luck!

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