AIP Certified Coach Spotlight: Tomesha Campbell

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Ever since our first cohort of coaches graduated from our AIP Certified Coach Practitioner Training Program, we’ve been watching with pride and excitement as they bring the AIP to the traditional healthcare landscape. Our AIP Certified Coach Spotlight features give you a look at what it means to be an AIP coach, and what you can expect when working with one as part of your healthcare team.

Tomesha Campbell began her career in the healthcare field after wanting to more tools to maintain a healthy diet. Soon after, she was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and realized how well equipped she was to manage her conditions due to her health coaching background. That’s when she decided to dedicate her practice to supporting folks in the autoimmune community, and became an AIP Certified Coach. 

How did you become involved in the healthcare field in the beginning?

I became involved in the healthcare field after years of struggling to maintain a healthy diet and wanting a solution to eat healthier that didn’t require following an overly restrictive diet. In the process of improving my eating habits I started getting questions from friends and family about how they could do the same. That became the catalyst for me to get my nutrition certification and became a health coach to help other people who are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What prompted you to use your skill set and training to specifically focus on serving the autoimmune disease population?

Getting diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and Sjögren’s syndrome was the thing that prompted me to utilize my skill set to support the autoimmune disease population. Having been a health coach prior to getting diagnosed I had a much deeper understanding of what I should be doing to manage my autoimmune diseases than other people I have met along the journey that didn’t have a healthcare background. Knowing that nutrition is an important part of any healthcare plan, I wanted to support others in the autoimmune disease community.

You recently became an AIP Certified Coach. Were there aspects of the program that you feel were particularly beneficial?

Becoming an AIP Certified Coach has been extremely beneficial. Knowing the science behind AIP makes it so much easier to explain to people the importance of adhering to the protocol. The program also provided me with some amazing resources that I can use for both my autoimmune and non-autoimmune clients, such as the nutrient dense food lists and the meal planning templates. In essence, the program provided me with so much valuable insight that has made me a better coach.

What kinds of plans do you currently have for your practice? Anything exciting coming up?

One of the things that my clients and community struggles with the most is meal planning. This Fall, I’m hosting workshops to support my clients and the community to become master meal planners.

Can you share an autoimmune client success story?

One of my clients that makes me so proud is Veronica. Like many people navigating an autoimmune condition, Veronica was following many bandwagon diets that were never easy to stick to and oftentimes felt like money pits. When we started working together we focused primarily on making small shifts in her meal planning and preparation routine. That helped her really start looking at the foods she was eating and what benefits, or lack thereof it had. In just a few short weeks she started to feel more organized with her meal planning and prepping which made making healthier choices much easier. And, she started feeling better overall.

Where can our readers find you or learn about working with you?

You can find me @tomeshacampbell everywhere or visit me on my website at

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Angie Alt is a co-founder here at Autoimmune Wellness. She helps others take charge of their health the same way she took charge of her own after suffering with celiac disease, endometriosis, and lichen sclerosis; one nutritious step at a time. Her special focus is on mixing “data with soul” by looking at the honest heart of the autoimmune journey (which sometimes includes curse words). She is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy Consultant through The Nutritional Therapy Association and author of The Alternative Autoimmune Cookbook: Eating for All Phases of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol and The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook. You can also find her on Instagram.


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