AIP Pumpkin Chai Donuts

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Who doesn’t love chai? Who doesn’t love pumpkin? Well…it’s your lucky day because you get BOTH! Get ready to have your tastebuds WOW-ed with this yummy treat. Fall is for cozying up with a cup of something warm and a yummy pumpkin treat — like these AIP pumpkin chai donuts.

Pumpkin puree is in demand per usual during this time of year so if you can’t find a can anywhere in the stores, cook up some fresh pumpkin from your local pumpkin patch and puree it yourself.

These donuts are like no other. They have a soft and tender inside and crispy outside. The flavor will make you fall in love faster than fall leaves hit the ground.

Let’s talk glaze and toppings. If you heat the coconut butter jar for bit, you will get the smooth consistency to create a perfect icing glaze. Sprinkle with coconut sugar and cinnamon and you’re good to go!


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AIP Pumpkin Chai Donuts
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. In a small pan, heat 2 tablespoons of water over low heat.
  3. Sprinkle gelatin evenly over heated water and whisk until combined. Mixture should be slightly runny like honey.
  4. Add all donut ingredients together and mix until smooth and fully combined. Mixture should be smooth and easy to pour.
  5. Pour mixture evenly into a greased, mini donut pan.
  6. Bake for 18-20 minutes. If you stick a toothpick into it, it should come out clean. Inside texture will be very moist.
  7. Remove from oven and transfer to a cooling rack.
  8. Place smoothed coconut butter onto a small plate deep enough to dip the donuts.
  9. Dip each donut and allow butter to cool and slightly firm.
  10. In a small bowl, mix toppings of coconut sugar and cinnamon together and sprinkle overtop the donuts.

About Kelsey McReynolds

Kelsey McReyonlds is the owner of and was introduced to the AIP community after years of antibiotic and birth control use; eating disorders, extreme exercising and excessive alcohol use that lead to intense digestive issues, candida overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome. Only through the therapeutic use of foods was she healed and has now made it her goal to educate those around her on how easy and fun it can be to nourish our bodies and souls. If you were to go to her house she would most likely be whipping up some delicious treat that you just HAVE to try!


  • Linda Eastman says

    This sounds awesome but where does the chai come in?

    • Jessica says

      The spices are the spices used to make chai.

  • David says

    Could you make this into some kind of pumpkin bread if you don’t want to buy a donut pan?

  • Abigail Paige says

    I piped these directly onto a cookie sheet, which worked fine. The gelatin texture is a bit too prominent for me, but it was a tasty treat after being in the elimination phase for a month. Thanks!

  • Taelor Burke says

    I’m not allowed to have coconut sugar is there an alternative you suggest? The rest of the recipe works for me except the sugar.

    • Susana says

      Azúcar de caña, panela, miel, azúcar de abedul, sirope de arce e incluso alguna fruta

  • Anjali says

    Do you know if it would work to sub 1/2 the oil with either coconut milk or extra pumpkin?

  • Carol says

    I’ve been able to add eggs into my diet. Can I substitute a real egg and have a good outcome to this recipe?

    • Mickey Trescott says

      Hi Carol! Since the recipe doesn’t call for an egg, I would doubt adding one to it would work out. If you want a donut containing egg, I would start your search for a recipe that contains that ingredient for best results!

      • Lynda says

        The donut recipe does call for a gelatin egg. I think that’s where she’s wanting to substitute a “real” egg.

        • Mickey Trescott says

          Hi Lynda, I understand, but adding an ingredient that is not in the original recipe is not recommended unless the author notes that they have tested it. Geltain eggs and real eggs do not perform the same, even if they serve a similar purpose in a baking recipe. Hope it helps!

  • Pascale says

    This recipe was a tasty one. Only thing I will change for next time is to reduce the coconut oil by a quarter amount. My result was kind of soggy donuts but they were tasty and I think with less oil, they will come out more with donut texture. Mine were also a little chewy which I really enjoy. No guilt in eating this yummy treat 🙂

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